Here we go again…… Contaminated jet fuel

This time it’s water.

OK, terrific.

For the second time this year, contamination discovered in the jet fuel was likely to cause delays on long-haul flights departing from Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Israel Airports Authority warned their foreign destinations Sunday.

Excessive water levels found in the jet fuel were blamed for the delays, according to a report broadcast on state-run Voice of Israel government radio.

That settles things then.

Government radio says don’t panic – there is no cause for alarm – nothing to see here – again.


Don’t remember the last time this happened ?

Once upon a time in The Old West Middle East (5 May 2011)…… All air travel within and from Israel suspended due to fuel contamination

The mysterious substance has yet to be identified and all domestic flights are still grounded.

Airlines accuse Paz Oil over contaminated jet fuel and diesel.

Confusion abounds — Israel domestic air flights to resume — U.S. refuses to do tests on contaminated fuel.

Israel jet fuel-diesel contamination — The money is starting to talk.

Jet fuel contaminant may be in national pipelines.

Israel fuel crisis is officially over – They’re ignoring it all – Nobody cares.

Israel Transport Ministry: Jet fuel contaminant is PROBABLY soot and fiberglass.

— — — — —

Looks like this time though, they went straight to the wished-for hoped-for want-to-be-the-case ending and skipped all the fun stuff……  Like trying to find out what’s actually causing the problem.

Government radio says don’t panic – there is no cause for alarm – nothing to see here – again.

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