Egypt’s Cabinet Resigns


So that’s what they’re calling it now.

Reuters — Egypt’s military council sought an agreement on a new prime minister before it could accept the resignation submitted by the cabinet of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, a military source told Reuters on Monday.

The source said no formal announcement would be made until the ruling military council had agreed on the candidate. He did not provide further details.

The cabinet had said it had presented its resignation on Sunday, following violent clashes in Cairo’s Tahrir square between police and protesters.

Meanwhile, Cairo police continued to fight protesters demanding an end to army rule for a third day on Monday and morgue officials said the death toll had risen to 33, with many victims shot in the worst violence since the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

Resign ?

The Muslim Brotherhood told ’em they had until “Friday Of The Single Demand” to get out or their heads would come off.

Let’s recap to this point, shall we ?

Egypt — Fuse Lit – The death toll mounts.

……and the noose tightens a little more…… – Jordan Hearts Palestine.

Police, protesters clash in Egypt’s Tahrir Square – Part Deux.

Fatah, Hamas Reach Understandings – All Jews dead, Israel destroyed with all evidence of existence scrubbed.

“Friday Of The Single Demand” – One world, one set of laws.

— — — — —

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