Ynet News is starting to sense something’s amiss.

“Obama’s White House is left empty of anyone who truly understands Israel issue.”

Um…… Ain’t it kinda obvious Israel and The Jewish People have been on their own since 20 January 2009 ?

From a new article at Ynet News written by Yitzhak Benhorin.

WASHINGTON – The last year has seen the White House become empty of people who have a deep personal knowledge of the Israeli situation and who care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At first it was the much publicized resignation of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who was involved in every significant detail of the White House’s Israel agenda.

Then David Axelrod, top political advisor to President Barack Obama left for greener pastures and last summer, Dan Shapiro chose to become US ambassador to Israel over taking the position of White House Middle East desk chief.

If that is not enough, next month Dennis Ross, Obama’s senior advisor on the Middle East, will be leaving office. Ross’ White House exit has barely raised a murmur in Israel even though it is one of the biggest losses to the US government as far as relations with Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are concerned. It leaves Israel without a reliable contact within the White house.

Mr. Benhorin, everyone at Ynet News and all ‘my people’:

It’s on purpose.

I really hate to break it to you like this, but there was NEVER anyone in the #HeilObama administration who actually gave a tinker’s cuss about Israel or The Jewish People…… Especially not the truly dangerous Jewish Leftists working towards Israel’s destruction and the other idiot Jews hired as nothing more than window dressing and footstools.

Rahm Emanuel ?    All he wanted from Israel was a place for his kid to be Bar-Mitzvah and free food while in-country.

David Axelrod    A Totalitarian Leftist (at best), plus he’s under the thumb of George Soros.

Dennis Ross    Puh-leeze – The dude was Bill Clinton’s point man on The Oslo Accords.

As for the rest……

Hillary Clinton ? 

Valerie Jarrett ? 

Harold Koh ? 

Samantha Power ? 

What about Ms. Power’s husband ?    That would be the one and only Cass “Nudge” Sunstein.

Support for and understanding of Israel ?

Choo gotsta bee keedeenk mee, maing ?!?

Wake up.


By the way, if it seems like you read the same thing before here at Israel Survival Updates…… You did.

Ten days ago.

We try to stay ahead of things.

Gone is the last of the people in the #HeilObama administration who were even remotely okay with Israel existing.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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