Egypt’s Military Council Cedes It’s Power To Supreme Court

Rioting in Tahrir Square jumps into a higher gear.

Egypt’s ruling Military Council is set to announce that it will relinquish power in favor of Cairo’s Supreme Court.

Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who heads the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that has ruled Egypt since a popular uprising forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign on February 11, will reportedly make an official announcement to that effect later on Tuesday.

The announcement comes as tens of thousands of Egyptians gathered at Tahrir Square for a mass demonstration Tuesday while fresh clashes broke out elsewhere in Cairo as protests demanding the country’s military rulers step down entered a fourth day.

An ever-tightening death spiral and of course totally coincidental and unrelated-to-anything-else perfect timing, for The Muslim Brotherhood to stand up and say ‘We got it, no worries. Besides, we’re gonna take it all anyway’.

But everything will be hunky-dory according to the liberal media, because Egypt’s presidential elections are set for June.


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