CongressCritters™ Ted Deutch and Steve Israel……

What I wanted to say next isn’t nice.

Ted Deutch and Steve Israel, both of them Democrats wrote to the Government Accountability Office following reports earlier this month in Arutz Sheva and other media that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has ordered the Palestinian Investment Fund to build homes for terrorists whom Israel freed in return for the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

CongressCritter™ Steve Israel

The Congressmen also want the GAO to investigate whether any U.S. Economic Support Funds are being used by Abbas for his unilateral move to win recognition for the PA in the United Nations, a violation of the Oslo Accords and the death knell of the U.S.-sponsored ”peace process.”

CongressCritter™ Ted Deutch

“The United States does not provide economic support funds to the Palestinian Authority to build new homes for terrorists or fund President Abbas’ anti-Israel campaign trips through Europe,” said Deutch, who hails from Florida.

Gentlemen, I’ll save you the trouble and save US taxpayers millions of dollars and aggravation from your proposed so-called ‘investigation’.

You bloody well right know the typical Muslim filth are using dollars America stupidly sends them in financing terror, because that’s all they know – it’s in their stinking DNA, just like it is for you two fakirs to stand up for #HeilObama at every turn.

The ‘freed prisoners’ are heroes to the entire Muslim world – All 1.65 billion of the genocidal maniacs.   So of course their bosses are gonna reward them and they’ll do it with Dhimmi money too.

Here’s your job:  Simply defund the typical Muslim filth and do it NOW.   You two ObamaToads have gotten on the nerves of way too many people lately.   Stop pretending to give a damn.

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Kenny Solomon
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