Egypt denies using nerve gas on protesters

Did you expect them to say, ‘Yes we did it and we’re proud’ ?

They’ll save that for when the attacks start on Israel.

Egyptian authorities denied Wednesday reports that its security forces fired banned, poisonous gas during a five-day crackdown on renewed protests in the country.

“Security forces have not used poison or internationally prohibited gases against the demonstrators in Tahrir Square or outside security directorates in some governorates,” state television quoted an official source as saying.

Medics manning a field hospital in Tahrir Square told reporters that anti-riot police fired colorless nerve gas into the masses of protesters, who are demanding the military junta that assumed power after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak by widespread protests in February step down.

Read between the words.

Don’t see it yet ?

C’mon, it’s there.

Kind of obvious too.

Do I have to spell it out ?

They did NOT say they didn’t fire gas.

All they said was that they didn’t use anything banned.

Don’t believe they hit the ‘protesters’ with gas ?

Here’s some video.

Probable sources other than in-country: Every Muslim nation in existence (starting with Iran) and then look to North Korea ; China ; Venezuela ; Germany ; and maybe even (gasp !) Obamastan.

Anything is possible.

There are no more coincidences.


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