They’re baaaaaaaaaack.

Friday Of The Single Demand.

Friday Of The Last Chance.

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Tahrir Square: “Leave ! Leave ! Leave !”

Click here for a LIVE VIDEO FEED courtesy of RT (Russia Today)


We are all for the revolution and stand steadfast for the demands of the revolution.   There is no conflict between us and the army,” the cleric said in an address over loudspeakers.


The following video clip is from early this morning.

Guess who showed up for a while:

An Associated Press reporter at the scene says pro-reform leader and Nobel peace laureate Mohamed El-Baradei has arrived in the square and is expected to join the prayers.

Lemme re-write that last.

An Associated Dhimmi reporter at the scene says senior Muslim Brotherhood member and typical peace-loving genocidal maniac Mohamed El-Baradei has arrived in the square and is expected to join the prayers.


This gem is at the end of the Ynet News article linked just above:

A similar protest will also be held in Jordan after Friday prayers. The rally will take place near the Israeli border and will be attended by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Other rallies will also be held across the country.

Are we having fun yet ?

This doctor isn’t:


Warning: No female reporters in Tahrir Square.

CAIRO, Nov. 25 (UPI) — Media rights group Reporters Without Borders Friday urged media outlets not to send female reporters into Tahrir Square………

Why not ?……… After all, Muslim men have such total respect for women, that thi……… Oh……… Wait………

“The United States strongly believes that the new Egyptian government must be empowered with real authority immediately.”

Those are the words of #HeilObama Spokestool Jay Carney.

Yes, The Jihadist At 1600™ knows full-well that “the new Egyptian government” is The Muslim Brotherhood.   His BlackBerry told him so and also said to make sure he supports their ascension ‘or else’.

Same article as just above:

“The European Union is deeply concerned about the critical situation in Egypt and condemns the excessive violence committed by the Egyptian authorities against the population.”

I’m wondering what it’s gonna take for The E.U. to move from “deeply concerned” onward and upward to ‘a tad miffed’ or even ‘slightly perturbed’.   Then again, The E.U. is about to collapse and the Moose Limbs are standing right there on the side…… In plain sight…… Waiting…… And they don’t care about the money part…… Only that it goes south and hard.


The military has given him greater powers than his predecessor.

“The powers given to me exceed any similar mandates,” he said, looking uncomfortable, grasping for words and repeatedly pausing as he spoke. “I will take full authority so I’m able to serve my country.”

Oh goody…… A Mubarak toady – more than likely (I’d say about a 99.99% probability) a Muslim Brotherhood senior member – has all sorts of git-up-‘n-go authority.

What could go wrong ?

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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One Response to They’re baaaaaaaaaack.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    The problem our muselmaniac “friends” will have once the EU is gone is that there may be a significant resurgance of nationalism in the EU. You have to consider that more and more people are against the EU. It’s not just the chaos created by our EU commissars and the utterly undemocratic EU bureaucracy, it’s also a rising loathing for the EU and all it stands for (which is no surprise, who, except insane people, would support something that stands for corruption, over-taxation and waste of money.)

    Just look at local elections. 2010 in Vienna the so called “right wing” Freedom party had most votes, and was only kept from ruling because of a coalition of the socialists and the green party. Netherlands, same thing. Switzerland, SVP. There’s a shift coming and the muselmaniacs won’t like it very much.

    Even people who, 20 years ago, spoke about letting foreigners in and tolerate all kinds of things are now saying “deport criminal foreigners” and “no more mosques”. There’s a shift coming.

    The moment the EU is gone, there won’t be a centralized “you must take in millions of muselmaniacs” anymore. Why do you think the French and German “leaders” are trying to save Euro and EU at all costs? They know exactly that, with the EU gone, their days are over as well.

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