Egypt PM Kamal Ganzouri: Give us two months and……

……you won’t know what hit you.

The London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported on Saturday that Ganzouri – who was named Cairo’s new prime minister following the resignation of PM Essam Sharaf’s cabinet – urged the activists to give him a two-month grace period.

Ganzouri told the newspaper that the violent clashes in Cairo were only impeding the new government’s mission.

He said that the new cabinet’s scope of jurisdiction, afforded by the Military Council, was “unprecedented,” and vowed “to include as many of the activists’ representatives as possible in the government.”

Translation: Give us two months because……

……That’s what it’s gonna take for The Muslim Brotherhood us to murder weed out all the apostates and non-proper Muslims troublemakers and bring full-on Shari’a Law typical peace-loving peace to Egypt.


New video from Reuters – 26 November 2011 7:00am Eastern.

At least one person is reported killed and three injured as Egyptian security forces attempt to disperse Cairo protesters. Rough cut (No reporter narration)


……from The Associated Press:


……and a quote from ‘some guy’ in April of 2009:

“We seek broader engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect.  We will listen carefully, we will bridge misunderstandings, and we will seek common ground.  We will be respectful, even when we do not agree.  We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.  The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans.”

Really ?

To watch the full 25 minute video of ‘some guy in April 2009’, click here.


Remember, an Infidel’s strength flows from The Snark.   But beware.   Qur’an, Sira, Hadith.   The dark side are they.   Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.


“All Egyptian Muslims are willing to embark on Jihad for the sake of Palestine.”

They’re baaaaaaaaaack.

Sorry, Our Bad.

Egypt denies using nerve gas on protesters

“We are a nation with a great deal of patience”

CongressCritters™ Ted Deutch and Steve Israel……

Egypt: Israeli Ambassador Welcome Any Time.

Egypt’s Military Council Cedes It’s Power To Supreme Court

Still going……

Egypt’s Cabinet Resigns

Egypt — Fuse Lit

……and the noose tightens a little more……

Police, protesters clash in Egypt’s Tahrir Square

Fatah, Hamas Reach Understandings

“Friday Of The Single Demand”

……and lest we forget, there’s 56 other Cailphate-building states to deal with when the SHTF…… For example, we’ll take Morocco as of yesterday…… plus what’s going on in the friendly confines of Gaza.

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