Hello Mali

Well hello Mali.

It’s so nice to have you ba…… Oh…… Wait……

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) – Gunmen killed a German man in Mali’s most famous city of Timbuktu and seized three men from the Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden, officials and witnesses said, as officials on Saturday ordered a plane to evacuate foreigners from the tourist destination.

The Dutch and Swedish governments confirmed Saturday that their citizens had been taken. A fellow traveler said the other man seized was South African and said she met the German man.

To find a first hint of those “gunmen” responsible for this ‘little to-do’, we need to delve down to the seventeenth paragraph of the article.

Thanks Associated Press…… Thanks a lot.   The headline should have been TYPICAL MUSLIM SCUM MURDER ONE, KIDNAP THREE.

But of course it would never be shown in an Associated Dhimmi Press article that Mali is a nation who’s population is 90% Muslim and looks to be diving headlong – right there with every other peace-loving country – into The Muslim Brotherhood way of life.

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Kenny Solomon
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