Egypt is the new Iran.

So is Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Yemen and Bahrain, plus London, Paris and many other places.

A number of major (new) Irans have been born in the region today.   Egypt is a (new) Iran, whether you (the US-led West) accept it or not,” reported the Iranian semi-official Fars News Agency, quoting Guards commander Major General Qassem Soleimani.

Speaking to a reported crowd of 50,000 Basij forces, he addressed the United States and added, “Know that today Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are also (new) Irans.   [These] “great nations will stand together against the threat” of western powers, he said.

Can we just whack these scumbags already and get on with our lives ?

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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