Kristallnacht In New Jersey

Update – Suspect Arrested…… Charges upgraded.

Update – It happened here in South Florida as well.

Scroll through for updates.


Kristallnacht in Germany was November 9th 1938.

On November 30th 1947, a vote was taken at The United Nations, creating The State Of Israel.

On November 29th 2011……

The central New Jersey community of Highland Park was targeted Tuesday night in a series of anti-Semitic attacks on at least five Jewish-owned establishments.

Vandals hurled bricks through the plate glass windows of a kosher restaurant, a kosher pizza shop, two Judaica stores, and a Jewish-owned hardware store.

At least three other Jewish-owned establishments in nearby New Brunswick were also similarly attacked, including the Rutgers Chabad House, the Rutgers Hillel and an Israeli-owned falafel eatery.

Local police said in a statement detectives were “actively investigating these incidents and are in contact with and coordinating efforts with other law enforcement agencies that may be able to expedite the investigation.”

However, police cautioned that it was “too soon to reach a conclusion” as to the nature of the crimes.

I’m sure each and every one of the businesses around those Jewish-owned establishments were hit as well, so of course there’s no discussion whatsoever that there’s any possibility of a remote chance of a hint there’s one iota of anti-Semitism at play in these (at least ) eight locations.

I’d better not say anything else.


On second thought……


To ‘my people’ here in America, I need to convey two things:

1.   Some of us – that dreaded 22% you’ve lately been calling typical bitter clingers – tried to tell you for decades this was coming, but no, you had to ignore everything right in front of your eyes and stay the course for those same decades.

‘Can’t we all just get along ?’ — ‘Coexist’ — ‘Stop with the kicking’ — and then there’s the single most offensive thing I’ve ever heard when it comes to your dealing with your family and friends on the left, those oh-so-special typical Muslims and anti-Semitism in general:  ‘If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us’.

2.   Tool up.   That means go get some evil scary-looking guns, learn how to safely handle and use them and get ready, because “it can’t happen here” is happening here.

Oh wait…… Jews (and Americans) in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Califailure, Hawaii and most of the other ‘blue’ states:  Never mind about point #2, because you can’t tool up.   Hell, you can’t even legally defend yourself with a broomstick in those states either.   You’re S.O.L.



Update December 1st 2011 ; 6:15am Eastern.

MYFOXNY.COM – Police have arrested a New Brunswick man in connection with vandalism against Jewish-owned and Jewish-centric businesses in Highland Park, N.J.

Authorities charged Richard M. Green, 59, with five counts of criminal mischief, according to Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. Police believe he smashed the windows of five businesses on Raritan Avenue overnight.

“The on-going investigation is seeking to determine if Green is responsible for other acts of criminal mischief that have occurred in the past several days,” according to a statement from the prosecutor’s office. “Upon completion of the investigation, a decision will be made on whether Green will be charged with other incidents, and whether the criminal mischief counts will be upgraded to a bias crime.”

Criminal Mischief.

What a load of boole sheet, pap and snorkel residue.

I stand by everything I said above this update.

Every single word.

Enough is enough.


I’ll put something in because I know you’re thinking of it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…… If these were MooseLimbQuranimal businesses, this ‘event’ would be the only thing on national media, that whoever did this is a perfect example of every typically bitter tea-partier, it’s Bush’s fault, etc.

I’m not gonna go there, because here at I.S.U., we don’t deal with ‘what if’ scenarios.  We deal with ‘what is’.


Update December 2nd 2011 ; 6:15am Eastern.

Charges against New Brunswick man upgraded to bias intimidation.

A New Brunswick man was charged with three counts of third-degree bias intimidation arising from a series of window-smashing incidents at Jewish businesses in Highland Park, and Jewish businesses and a school in New Brunswick and a religious center at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan said late Thursday.

The charges were filed following an investigation in which authorities determined that Richard M. Green, 52, of Bayard Street, New Brunswick, targeted specific businesses and religious facilities of Jewish merchants, owners and students.

Green, charged on Nov. 30 with five counts of criminal mischief in Highland Park, also has been charged with five more criminal mischief counts stemming from the incidents in New Brunswick and at Rutgers. The counts are fourth-degree crimes. A related bias intimidation count was filed in New Brunswick and by the Rutgers University Police Department.

Something’s not right here and I’m getting that ‘odd twitch’ about the whole thing…… Not good when I get that ‘odd twitch’.

Please see a comment below posted by Rabbi Dr. Roasenberg.

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Update 5 December 2011 7:30am

It happened here in South Florida as well.

Thursday 1 December – Gets reported YESTERDAY 4 December.

The fire broke out early Thursday morning. Hollywood firefighters extinguished the blaze in minutes.

The fire was quickly determined to be arson, said deputy chief Mark Steele. He said the fire started in religious texts stored on shelves in the office.

Nobody cares for days.

It’s only Jews.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

10…… 9…… 8…… 7…………
Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

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10 Responses to Kristallnacht In New Jersey

  1. Andreas K. says:

    It fits. In Germany “Germans don’T buy Jewish” is acceptable again. Across the EU “anti-semitism” (what a nice way to put it) is “in” again. Now this. I’ve said for a while that we’re back in 1930.

  2. Bruce O'H. says:

    The sides are drawn up. I stand with Israel. And I will defend the foolish American Jews who have chosen the Left all of these years. They’re going to need the help as the hyenas turn on them.

  3. Andreas K. says:

    Criminal Mischief? Seriously?

    Well, I guess Hitler was really just a prankster, right?

    Nothing has changed. Just the color has. Back in the days it was the Jews murdering Jesus, kidnapping babies for blood rituals, or simply being blamed for military defeat. Today it’s occupying “Palestine”, “murdering Palestinian fighters” and harvesting their organs (I remember some Norwegian Doctors without borders doctor claiming that), and them being… Jews.

    Back then it was called hating Jews. Today it’s called anti-Semitism, or, if we’re politically correct, being critical of Israel.

    But see, no matter what you call a turd, it’s still a turd. It’s still garbage and stinks.

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  5. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Roasenberg says:

    Not a hate crime
    A mentally challenged soul
    Who needs help
    rabbi rosenberg

    Mr. Green is a poor Jewish male with a long history of mental illness., it is a shame that his religion and his serious mental illness are not made public. He needs help and perhaps there is a mental institution where he can get help. This is the second day that the media intentionally or unintentionally misinform people by omitting critical facts from the story. CHECK THIS OUT. RABBI ROSENBERG

    • kennysolomon says:

      Shalom Rabbi and thank you for the information.

      I will be delving into this – deeply – at least as much as possible given the complete lack of media coverage outside of the immediate area of New Brunswick/Highland Park.

      Kenny Solomon
      Israel Survival Updates
      The American Survival Guide

      Oath Keeper
      Patriot Guard Rider

    • Andreas K. says:

      I’m sorry but I disagree. He committed a crime. He needs some serious jail time. This soft approach on criminals and having the tax payer to finance their therapy is not working. We’ve reached a point where even rapists are basically called “mentally challenged souls” who need “help” (while, in reality, they need a bullet in the skull or, at least, something chopped off while they’re locked away for good.)

      Two dozen with the cat, in public. That works.

      If he does it again, jail time.

      I used to be a friend of this soft approach. Forgive and forget. But in reality, this approach doesn’t work. Never has. Never will. It’s not a sign of superiority. It’s a sign of weakness.

  6. […] That was followed the next week with "Avenue Jew," and then more swastikas. Kristallnacht In New Jersey Kenneth Solomon, Israel Survival […]

  7. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Roasenberg says:

    MCR wrote: from others media

    Rabbi Rosenberg’s comments are accurate. According to many sources, mysteriously not being reported by the media, the person under arrest is a Jewish man who has a history of mental health problems. One of the store owners told me he knows the man, and he even shopped in his store regularly.

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