UK government to all Iranian diplomats: Get the hell out of our country.

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It’s a good start.

Iranian diplomats of all levels were given 48 hours to leave Britain.

Earlier Wednesday, London announced it was closing down its embassy in Iran and withdrawing all British diplomats stationed in the Islamic Republic.

That ‘good start’ needs to go further, because The Basij attacked the British Embassy in Tehran and from all accounts, it was unprovoked.   Then again, ‘provocation’ for Muslims is the mere existence of ‘infidels’.

The Basij is personnel of The Revolutionary Guard and they do NOTHING without the consent of The Mullahs.

Their incursion of The British Embassy is what’s commonly known as ‘an act of war’ – One nation’s governing body and military physically attacking another nation’s bona-fide diplomatic personnel (or citizens) in quarters during peacetime.

The UK is fully within it’s rights to declare a state of war exists with Iran and then make it clear – crystal clear – that with the very next ‘event’ anywhere on the planet against UK citizens, the UK government and/or UK military personnel that can be connected to Iran, it’s REALLY on and buh-bye peace lovers.

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2 Responses to UK government to all Iranian diplomats: Get the hell out of our country.

  1. Good post…

    I saw this really great post today……

  2. Sargent Cold says:

    They need to kick all Moslems out of UK too!

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