“No government in the world would kill its people unless it’s led by a crazy person.”

Are you sure ?


So then, who said that ?

None other than


So who’s the ‘crazy person’ to whom The Good Sir A$$hat is referencing with that oh-so-peace-loving statement ?

Could it be




How about


Try again.

I’m betting it’s


Nope, he was talking to ABC’s Bawbwa Wawwa about……


The article is at Israel National News.

“They are not ‘my’ forces,” Assad told Walters in an interviewed broadcast over the ABC television network. “They are military forces that belong to the government. I don’t own them; I am president. I don’t own the country,” he smiled.

“You have to give the command,” Walters persisted in apparent disbelief.

“No no no,” he responded. “No one’s command. No command to kill or to be brutal,” Assad replied in a soft voice.

“Children were arrested…” she went on.

“When?” he interrupted softly.

“I saw those pictures,” Walters insisted.

“To be frank with you, Barbara, I don’t know how we can know all this. We have to hear, to see. We don’t see this. So we cannot depend on what you hear in the United States.”

As the interview continued, so did Assad’s calm demeanor, his quiet, gentle unwillingness to be brought into any discussion of a possibility that he had any involvement whatsoever in the bloody murders of his people over the past nine months.

Wait…… Are we thoroughly sure this isn’t about and and and…………

……if people don’t think the #HeilObama administration is capable, then they haven’t been paying attention.

— — — — —

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