Headline: “Arabs Infiltrate Itamar, Beat Shepherds And Soldiers”

Jews and IDF do nothing.


The headline should have been: ‘Typical Muslims blown to hell for being typical Muslims’.

The shepherds called for help from IDF troops, who were attacked as well when they arrived.   Two Arabs who attacked residents and soldiers were arrested.   A resident of the town managed to take video of the attack.   Security staff of the yishuv filed a complaint with police Thursday afternoon over the attack.

Only two weeks ago, a spokesperson for the Samaria Residents’ Council, officials of the Civil Administration denote the specific borders of the area belonging to Itamar – which Arab agricultural workers are not allowed to use, or even to enter. Nevertheless, the Council said, Arabs continued to seek ways to sneak onto Jewish land in Itamar, and Thursday’s attack showed just how far they were willing to go – with a premeditated attack on Jewish shepherds who had done nothing to provoke them.

‘Stop with the kicking !’………

‘If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us.’………

Enough already !

The peace lovers are in a holy war for the planet.

We’re playing patty-cake.

Stop it !

Double-tap the bastards, stuff bacon in their mouths, then catapult ’em back over the line to their typical Muslim scum brothers.



Note:  The video of the attack has not been released or uploaded anywhere…… yet.

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Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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