See…… Jews…… In…… Space !!!

Well…… What else would you want  as snarkerrific commentatery ?



The satellite Amos 5, operated by the Israeli company Spacecom, has been launched into space from Kazakhstan on Sunday.    The apparatus is meant to expand the company’s services to Africa, as well as Europe and the Middle East.

Amos 5 was produced by the Russian company NPO PM, and cost $157 million.   It is the biggest of Spacecom’s satellites and is the only one not to be produced by Israel Aerospace Industries.

The satellite is carrying sophisticated communication equipment that allows it to function as a remote transmission and broadcast hub.   Gear the likes of Amos 5 provide services to television channels, internet providers, telecom companies and infrastructure suppliers.



OK, we laughed.

Now take something serious from the news:

Israel works with the Russians for space tech rather than America.

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