Kuwait corruption probe in full swing

On November 28th, we asked a question: Hissy fit, or ‘nudge’ ?

It’s a hissy fit.

For now.

Kuwaiti prosecutors began deposing 15 former lawmakers over the source of millions of dinars deposited in their bank accounts in a corruption probe tied to the fall of the previous government.

Three of the 18 lawmakers initially suspected of receiving bribes from government officials to sway their votes were excluded from questioning by prosecutors after an examination of their financial records showed nothing was amiss.

The financial scandal caused a political tsunami in Kuwait and was used by the opposition to pile up pressure on the former premier, Sheikh Nasser Al Mohammad, to step down.

Corruption ?

The guys in the photo above ?

They’re wearin’ tablecloths secured to their heads with rejected NASA Space Shuttle O-Rings.

Corruption should be the least of their worries.

Somebody call The Fashion Police and make it quick !



Previously…… Kuwait…… It can’t happen here.


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