The secular media has been having a field day with this story.

Well….. Wouldn’t you ?


The article is from Arutz Sheva / Israel National News.

The Infrastructures Ministry, in conjunction with The Israel Electric Company, is seeking to introduce Kosher Electricity to Israel.

Wait……… WHAT ?!?……… Who in their rig………

A law proposed by the Infrastructures Ministry would place Israel’s electricity under “rabbinical supervision,” at least on Shabbat.

Just a second……… Hold the pho………

Of course, electricity is not discussed directly in the Torah or Talmud, as it is a recent invention – but rabbis of the past several generations are all in agreement that using electricity on the Sabbath is a violation of halachic prohibition of “lighting a fire on the Sabbath”.

Can I get a word in edgewi………

For security purposes, the vast majority of IEC workers – especially the ones in production – are Israeli Jews, with workers in production usually undergoing a security check.

I bloody well hope so, or some heads need to ro………

The Chief Rabbinate has in the past ruled that Jews are permitted to run the electrical system in Israel on Shabbat, because the power provided is needed “for the saving of a life” (pikuach nefesh), a situation that allows certain violations of the Sabbath.   Electricity, for example, is provided to hospitals and the defense systems that protect the country, and others are permitted to benefit from this electricity, since it is produced in a permitted manner.

If this kind of suicidal stooooopid contin………

However, that point of view is not accepted by some in the Hareidi community.


Look, I’m one of you – an Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo – abiding by Torah and being of deep faith is one thing, but we are NOT living in The Seventh Century like a certain group of peace-loving genocidal maniacs happen to wish was the case.

Wake up and smell the matzoh ball soup…… We’re in a war for the actual survival of Jews as a people, Israel as a nation, plus much more and your biggest concern is flipping a light switch one day per week ?

I’m really not sure what to say anymore without exploding in the urgency of making those who are still free understand that there’s ‘a bit’ of a problem occurring on a global scale – and NOT just with the peace lovers either.

But, I’m a snarkaholic.

I can’t help myself.


Kosher electricity, eh ?

IEC could start by circumcising every male transformer terminal.

When a generating plant first kicks up to pass 13,000 KWH output, does it have to read from Torah in front of it’s sister, brother, aunt, uncle and elder stations ?

And another thi…………

Naaaaaaaah, I’d better stop now.
Oh yeah, almost forgot:

I’ve never seen electricity, so I don’t pay for it. I write right on the bill, ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t seen it all month’………… Steven Wright  (I Have A Pony, ©1986 WEA)


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