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Deyz owt.

Whatchoo tawkin’ ’bout ?


The second phase of the deal that secured the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit from Hamas captivity was completed Sunday night with the release of an additional 550 Palestinian prisoners.

Israel released a total of 1,027 male and female Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Shalit. Most of the prisoners returned to the West Bank. The rest – with the exception of a few prisoners who were transferred to Jordan – were released to Gaza.


Translation: Israel just helped herself commit national suicide.


There’s more.


The peace-loving scum’s peace-loving relatives couldn’t wait like normal human beings for their peace-loving scum relatives……

On Sunday 505 of the security prisoners were transported from Ofer Prison to a crossing near Beitunia, where hundreds of relatives who were awaiting their arrival clashed with IDF forces. The Palestinians hurled Molotov cocktails and stones and set tires on fire. One soldier was lightly injured in the rioting.


Still more……

On Sunday President Shimon Peres signed clemency orders for 43 of the Palestinian security prisoners who were released as part of the deal.


……and lastly:

Defense establishment officials stressed that none of the 550 inmates who were released are affiliated with Hamas, and that none were defined as having “blood on their hands.”


Here’s a hint:  They’re peace lovers, so they do indeed have blood on their hands courtesy of their ‘religion’.

That’s about it for my commentary, because talking about the rest of the specifics above would have you realize I was ‘a bit’ agitated.


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