A Christmas Message

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the leader of the free world, Prime Minister Of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.


God bless you, sir.
Kenny Solomon
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7 Responses to A Christmas Message

  1. Yes Bibi. I have been to Israel. Thank you for this message. It’s something we will never see in this country. At least until January 2013.

  2. Thank you, sir. You’re more of a leader than Obama the turncoat will ever be. God bless you and Israel greatly as I am confident He will.

  3. Chag sameach Chanukkah, Mr. Netanyahu !!


  4. bobmontgomery says:

    Kenny, could you verify if Mr. Netanyahu has dual US-Israeli citizenship so that we may draft him for 2012 if our pro-Israel candidates get shafted out of contention, as is the plan?

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