Thomas Friedman Can’t Admit He Is Wrong


Let’s make that a bit more accurate: Thomas Friedman WON’T admit he’s wrong…… Ever.


New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman admitted Tuesday that he wrote too strongly that the enthusiastic reception for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Congress earlier this year “was bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.”

In retrospect I probably should have used a more precise term like ‘engineered’ by the Israel lobby – a term that does not suggest grand conspiracy theories that I don’t subscribe to,” Friedman told the New York Jewish Week.   “It would have helped people focus on my argument, which I stand by 100 percent.”

Mr. Friedman, I stand by this 100 percent:   Go spit up a rope.

NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman calls for the ‘non-violent’ destruction of Israel.

NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman, Statesman.

Unless the rabbi has a really involved family name……

Netanyahu says to The NY Times: ‘Go spit up a rope’.
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