Lebanon’s Got A Basketball Jones

……because “Basketball Hoskin” doesn’t sound right in the song.

Oh yeah…… He also may be an agent for The Mos…… Wait…… WHAT ?!?


Hezbollah’s mouthpiece Al-Manar TV aired a report criticizing Lebanese authorities for allowing eight foreign basketball players who had previously played in Israel to play for teams in Lebanon. One of the players, Sam Hoskin, plays for Lebanon’s national team. Hoskin, an American, previously played for Israeli basketball club Hapoel Galil-Elyon.

Abd el-Malek Sachriya, who heads an organization promoting legislation aimed at boycotting Israel, told Al-Manar’s website that Lebanese authorities are responsible for the “scandal” in which Hoskin was allowed to become a citizen of the Arab country.

He said Lebanon was “half-asleep” and wondered “how can it be that eight players who have played in the Zionist entity come to play in Lebanon – and one of them is even granted citizenship – without anyone knowing who they really are?”


Hey Mr. Saccharin or Mr. Sweet-‘N-Low or Mr. Whateveryournameis MooseLimb Quranimal, America got it’s current president the same way only different, so STFU.
Meet Sam Hoskin.

High School: Bishop Borgess in Detroitistan.

College: Eastern Kentucky (1999-2000) and De Paul (2001-2003)

No NBA team wanted him, so he went to……. Uh oh…… Teh Juice grabbed him right away for brainwashing in Israel for the 2003-04 season on the team called Hapoel Galil Elyon.

After that, he split to Russia for a few years, then Greece, then Croatia, then……


Hmmmmmm…… Look what we found from August of this year…… It’s kind of an odd happenstance that The Lebanon Daily Star somehow forgot to mention Mr. Hoskin played pro hoops in Israel.



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