‘Suddenly, when elections are approaching, Livni remembers she is a woman’

Smack !…… You go girl !


Culture And Sports Minister Limor Livnat slammed Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni at the Knesset plenum.

“She never thought women’s status was important enough, she only realized she was a woman on the eve of the 2009 elections.”

Israel's Culture And Sports Minister Limor Livnat

Addressing Livni, she said Monday:  “Did anybody hear her speak out against raising women’s pension age ?   No !   Suddenly when elections or primaries are approaching she remembers she is a woman,” Livnat charged.   She slammed Livni and Kadima over attacking the government despite calls to leave aside partisan affiliation.   “Did the prime minister invent what is going on in Beit Shemesh or has it been going on for years ?”


Git-r-done !


Kenny Solomon
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