Israel’s left freaks out over budget numbers giving national defense the edge over ‘social justice’.


Screw the left.

Israel’s defense budget just got a boost of NIS 1.67 Billion.

The increase was drawn from the budgetary surpluses of other ministries.

The prime minister said that the world economic crisis and the instability in the Middle East have created “tension” between the government’s economic and security responsibilities. Therefore, he explained, the government must behave responsibly, balancing the budget while defending Israeli citizens.

“There is no defense without a good economy,” Netanyahu said. “Defense costs a lot of money.”

.………and there’s no Israel without defense.

So that leaves us with the following:   Hey lefties, take that ‘social justice’ nonsense (read that as pure Socialism and worse) and shove it up your tree-hugging hippie-freak certified organic uber-vegan bagel holes.

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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