Saudi hacker posts Israeli credit card numbers…… Again.

11,000 new ones.


The new file that has been released contains full details of credit cards, including expiry date and CVVs (the three digits on the back of the card), full names, addresses, and telephone numbers, according to a Globes report.   The file also contains e-mail addresses and passwords. Additionally, e-mail account passwords have been verified as genuine, allowing anyone with the information to break into inboxes without difficulty, according to the report.

The hacker, going by the username “0xOmar” from “group-xp” released a statement indicating that he will release the rest of the database which contains a further 60,000 credit cards.   He also threatened to release other sensitive information, such as “data I have downloaded from Israeli military contractor companies… I’m thinking to start doing it from an Israeli company which creates jammers and eavesdropping devices.”


Here’s the link to the referenced report at Globes:

Saudi hacker claims info on one million Israeli credit cards.


Weeeeeeeelllllll…… Isn’t that just special ?!?


Backstory:  Saudi Hackers Expose Israelis’ Credit Cards


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