It takes a blogger……

……because most L.E. and traditional media can’t – and some aren’t allowed to – think outside of the boxes they’re chained within.


An article at Israel National News:

An Israeli blogger claimed on Friday that he was able to figure out the identity of the Saudi hacker who exposed the credit card numbers and information of thousands of Israelis this past week.

This guy stole all those credit files ?

The hacker claimed that he was based in Saudi Arabia, but the blogger, Amir Fedida, is claiming that the hacker is based in Mexico. Channel 10 News reported that Fedida has named the hacker as Omar Habib, who is originally from the United Arab Emirates.

According to the report, Fedida said that Habib made several mistakes which allowed Fedida to track him down. The biggest mistake, he said, was sending an e-mail to Israeli media outlets in which he congratulated himself on his “achievements” in hacking several websites and stealing Israelis’ information.

Fedida said that he was able to use Habib’s e-mail address to trace him back to Spanish forums on the internet. He said Habib is originally from the UAE but currently lives in Mexico, where he studies in a local college and works in a café.


Something’s not smelling right, but I can’t put into words what the gut feeling is telling me……… Yet.


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One Response to It takes a blogger……

  1. Chaiya Eitan says:

    I found someone with the name Amir Fedida on FB but there is really nothing there except he plays on-line poker. Wanted to message him a Kol HaKavod…but am hesitating. ‘Amir’ is similar to ‘Omar.’ Is someone playing games with us? Where is this guys blog???

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