Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua & Cuba

Imadinnerjacket’s leaving on a jet plane.


Reuters article by Robin Pomeroy and Daniel Wallis:

His first stop is OPEC-ally Venezuela, where Ahmadinejad has been assured a warm welcome by President Hugo Chavez.   He will also visit Cuba and Ecuador and attend the inauguration of re-elected Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

“The representative of the dignified people of Iran will be welcome,” Chavez said last week as Iranian naval exercises helped push up global oil prices.

With less than 18 months left of his presidency, he will be keen to preserve his legacy as a leader who stood up to Washington in a changing Middle East.


“……preserve his legacy……”


Hola Robin Pomeroy y Daniel Wallis de Reuters.

Este es Ooooooooooogo.

“Leg-ah-see” meen nuttin’ tuu mee y mee amigo Imadinnerjacket.   Dat maing ‘n mee done swapped spit ‘n tuugeddah wee gunna go keeleenk Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos y da wezt.

‘N choo no sumpteenk ? — Bee gunna doo eet tuu, cuz dat dummass nayshun o ‘Merika ‘lekt ‘n bee luffin’ dat ‘Bamma tool wee awl bee playeenk juss lyk dem Saw-deez tellz uzz wee kann doo.

Habb da nize tym tuu eh-knee-wun teenkeenk wee gots problemmz.

Adiós Robin y Daniel y gracias foh beeenk dere foh uzz awl dee tym.


Ooooooooooogo Chavez
El Presidente Para La Vida
La Nación De Venezuela


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10…… 9…… 8…… 7…………
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2 Responses to Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua & Cuba

  1. Chavez, Ahmadi and Correa of Ecuador are all best buddies. I have a pic of Ahmadi & Correa embracing. If I knew how to post it as a comment I would. 😀

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