Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo big-money guy hands $5 million to ‘Winning Our Future’.

W.O.F. backs Mr. Gingrich in the (already rigged) 2012 elections.


Casino billionaire tycoon Sheldon Adelson has donated $5 million to a political action group (PAC) backing Newt Gingrich as the Republican party presidential nomine to face President Barack Obama in November.

Adelson’s contribution gives a critical boost to Gingrich, who lost last week’s Iowa caucus after winner Mitt Romney spent millions of dollars on advertisements attacking him.


Gonna take a lot more than money to stop what’s coming.

Tool up.


Kenny Solomon
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Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

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6 Responses to Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo big-money guy hands $5 million to ‘Winning Our Future’.

  1. Horrified in Hollywood says:

    ARE you at liberty to make a stand now for your Presidential choice to run against BO? Do you believe some of the states will be successful blocking BO from appearing on their ballots? What are you doing to help your Presidential choice win the nominee? Please give us your truthful opinions and guidance on what you think we should be doing? Are all these group meetings and rallies worth the time, energy and expense to participate? If the meetings and rallies are what it takes to clean up Washington, why are there so few people making their voices heard? Who can and will answer these questions?

    • kennysolomon says:

      Am I “at liberty” ?….. You’re kidding right ?

      I’ve been saying since we’ve known each other that the media and the left will choose the nominee for the 2012 election, patriots and conservatives will be ignored, minimalized and even criminalized and that the election itself will have been rigged long before it takes place.

      The day we met – the first DCWFO meeting several years ago – I laid out a scenario for what’s coming…..and was literally called insane by multiple people.

      The entire Florida contingent of CongressCritters™ and both Senators voted FOR the NDAA insanity where any American can be incarcerated indefinitely without recourse if considered by the current administration as a ‘threat to national security’ as defined by the current administration.

      As I said in the above posting, it’s gonna take a lot more than money to stop what’s coming.

      Not one of the candidates running for president is trustworthy.


      I said it.

      Sorry if it bursts any bubble you had about me.

      My bet is they’re all not just CFR, but also ICR2P.

      But hey…… At least Mr. Gingrich seems to believe in The 2nd Amendment more than the rest of the pack.

      • Horrified in Hollywood says:

        No bubbles burst here. Your truthful frankness needs to be seen in print everyday. This administration has crumbled our American dreams. We’ve supplied S/W solutions to the DOD since 1983 and have a record to be proud of. Since 2009, our business has gone down the drain. The manipulation of the unemployment figures is a joke. The White House and all it’s activities and occupants are a disgrace. Do we have even a glimmer of a chance to save ourselves? I’d sure like to think so as I’m no quitter. We know what’s not working and who to blame. Basically, my question is how the hell can we the little people fix this mess? We can’t fix it by wringing our hands and crying. Collectively, we know some brilliant people. Will somebody or some Think Tank out there give us a TO DO list…… I’m waiting……….HELLO…..
        PS – we don’t have any money left to throw at this crisis…….

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