Oren Almog — IDF Soldier

Warrior for survival.


Oren Almog says he serves in the IDF “like everyone else”. There are a few differences: Terror cost him his eyesight – and five relatives.

……insisted on enlisting in the armed forced and being like most other Israelis – and now he is a soldier in the IDF. He is in an intelligence unit, the name of which cannot be disclosed.

Last week, he pledged his loyalty to the IDF while walking up to the ceremonial stage unassisted by either a walking cane or a seeing-eye dog. The audience applauded – and cried.


Yeah, buddy.    😀


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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One Response to Oren Almog — IDF Soldier

  1. I am an American but I salute you Sir. Thank you for your service to Israel. By your sacrifice you are helping to make America safer.

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