……about those Americans arrested in Egypt……

See, I told you so. *


CAIRO — Egypt’s military-led government said Sunday that it would put 19 Americans and two dozen others on trial in a politically charged criminal investigation into the foreign financing of nonprofit groups that has shaken the 30-year alliance between the United States and Egypt.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she had personally warned the Egyptian foreign minister, Mohammed Amr, at a security conference in Munich on Saturday that the continuing investigation of the nonprofit groups cast new doubt on the aid. “We are very clear that there are problems that arise from this situation that can impact all the rest of our relationship with Egypt,” she told reporters there.


See, I told you so * …… On 30 December 2011, right here at I.S.U.:   Egypt’s ‘new government’ raids foreign NGO offices…… Accused of intimidation.

Go ahead and click on it…… Don’t be a-skeered.


PS…… I bet the peace-loving MooseLimb Quranimals are really shaking in their boots about what the #HeilObama administration has to say about cutting aid…… Shaking…… From laughing so hard.

PPS…… You do realize that the people arrested in Egypt — no matter what their orgs’ names are — ALL side with and/or are part of the one-world, ICR2P Totalitarian madmen who actually believe they can control the peace-loving MooseLimb Quraninals, yes ?


* I really don’t like the whole ‘see, I told you so’ attitude and approach to writing, but hey, it fits here in a big way, so I’m using it.

Pffffft.   😉


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One Response to ……about those Americans arrested in Egypt……

  1. BruceO says:

    Sooo, what happens when the Jihadist no longer need their Leftist bedfellows? Look to Egypt…

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