Uh-oh — Iran’s parliament summons Ahmadinejad.

What could go wrong ?


Tehran, Iran (AP) — Iran’s parliament on Tuesday decided to summon President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for questioning over a long list of accusations, including that he mismanaged the nation’s economy.

Iranian President Iminthemoodfor Abigwhompinjihad

The summons was the first of its kind for an Iranian president since 1979. It follows a petition by a group of lawmakers for a review of policy decisions by Ahmadinejad, who has come under increasing attacks in recent months from the same hard-liners who brought him to power.

It is also part of a power struggle on the Iranian political scene ahead of March 2 parliamentary elections and the 2013 presidential vote.


The epitome of irony would be if the peace-loving scumbuckets accuse their fellow peace-loving scumbucket of not being Muslim enough, then take him out in irons.

That would be one hell of a problem though, because whoever replaces him – now, or via the upcoming ‘free, open and transparent election’ – is gonna be ten times worse, because it’s the way of Islam as they ramp things up to usher in the Caliphate.


Imadinnerjacket and I’m okay.
I sleep all night and I rant all day.
I cut down Jooooooooooos, I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra.
I wish I’d been a girlie, just like my dear momma.



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3 Responses to Uh-oh — Iran’s parliament summons Ahmadinejad.

  1. ArmyVet says:

    Ahmadinejad is actually a Jewish family name, based on information from my Persian Jewish friends. Perhaps they are going after him because he has been too easy on Israel. Great photo of him trying to concentrate.

  2. LaRueLaDue says:

    Perhaps this is the first step toward a regional war. He gets replaced by someone we haven’t a clue about, thus they can hide what they do for a bit… until it is too late.

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