Egypt’s PM to #HeilObama and the rest of the world: Go spit up a rope.

Take your piddling $1.5 billion per year in aid and stick it up that ‘marshmallow gun’* you were using at the science fair, making a damn fool out of yourself with every passing second.


(AP) — Egypt’s military-backed prime minister says Cairo will not halt its crackdown on foreign nonprofit groups despite what he calls threats to cut off aid from Western and Arab countries.

Egypt’s campaign against pro-democracy and rights groups began late last year with raids by security forces on their offices.   On Sunday, judges referred 19 Americans and 24 others to trial on accusations they illegally used foreign funds to foment unrest in the country. The U.S. has threatened to cut some $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt over the dispute.

Kamal el-Ganzouri said Wednesday that Western countries “turned against us” after the crackdown began.   He said Egypt “won’t back down or take a different route because of some aid or other.”


The media is still runnin’ with that ‘military-backed’ nonsense eh ?

What part of these typical peace-loving scumbags taking over Egypt are ALL Muslim Brotherhood isn’t getting through, eh AP ?…… CNN ?…… ABCCBSNBC ?…… Et tu, Fox News ?


Oy vey, vatt a mezz vee gotts heah, eh sveetie ? Veel tsee iffen vee ecksplayn guut………

The people arrested and the orgs in question are NOT ‘pro-democracy’, they’re ICR2P one-worlders and the ‘Coexist’ lunatics – all of ’em.   They keep swearing up and down, sideways and backwards that they can control the peace lovers and get them to ‘see the light’ of liberalism, ‘green’ living and more importantly, accepting no-faith-allowed Totalitarianism as the only way.

…… and you’re of the mind that the Quranimals are gonna even remotely entertain a micron of acceptance to it ?

Get a grip.


Now then, have a look at just the financial end from the MooseLimb side of the equation…… $1.5 billion per year of Great Satan paper is meaningless to the Muslim scum – a literal drop in the oil business.

What ?…… You think Europe is gonna sto……… Didn’t you read the posting right before this one………  Holy mother of pearl, you’re still not listening to any of this, are you ?


Trying to make some folks aware of what’s going on and what’s coming is really starting to take it’s toll on my inventory of ammu…… um…… ‘accessories’ for the ran…… er…… ‘100-Yard Stress-Relef Center’.



*  Obama’s got a gun.


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