Update — Maldives — Waiting — Hoping for change.

Ex-President Stinky Whizzlecheeks is feeling left out of the party.


(Reuters) – Maldives ex-president Mohamed Nasheed awaited arrest in his house on Thursday, vowing to stay and fight against the government he says ousted him in a coup with the connivance of the police and the military.

But, as rain fell on Male, capital of the Indian Oceans islands renowned for their luxury resorts and supporters stood outside Nasheed’s family home, there was no sign of a move against him by the government or police.


That’s pretty messed up when your brother Quranimals who think you’re not MooseLimb enough haven’t bothered to expend a round or two into your cranium, let alone even say anything to you.

How full of suck do ya gotta be to get that kind of treatment ?







Not sure what this is about ?

Read……  The Republic Of Maldives.


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