UN official meeting with top Maldives leaders.

What could go wrong ?


Maldives (AP) — U.N. Assistant Secretary-General For Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco was to meet with both Nasheed and Hassan, as well as other top political leaders.

“In this atmosphere it is very difficult for any meaningful and national form of discussion. I therefore request all political actors to remain calm and prevent any type of violence,” Fernandez-Taranco told reporters after his Thursday arrival.


Yessum, that’ll take care of the whole peace-lovin’ shebang.


No more worries about The Muslim Brotherhood moving in on another Quranimal nation not being MooseLimb enough.

In the immortal words of Chief Inspector Clousseau, with The UN now involved, “zee propplehm eez soll-vhett”.


1.  The beginning:  The Republic Of Maldives.

2.  They didn’t bother with him:  Update — Maldives — Waiting — Hoping for change.


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