Yes we did…… No we didn’t.

Make up your bloody mind #HeilObama.

Do you stand with the Muslims ?

The political winds are shifting in an ugly direction.


(AP) — On Friday in Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the circumstances in the Maldives are murky and contested. “I got myself in a place yesterday that was not borne out by the facts,” she told a news briefing.

“We will work with the government of the Maldives, but believe that the circumstances surrounding the transfer of power need to be clarified. And we also suggest that all parties agree to an independent mechanism to do that,” she said.

Asked whether there had been an extraconstitutional change in power, she said the U.S. does not yet have a clear view of the facts, but would expect to have a clearer idea after U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake visits Male, arriving Saturday.


Wait…… They’re sending a former child actor who’s most famous for portraying a cop with a bird on his shoulder and who may or may not have murdered his wife to talk with the Quranimals in Maldives ?

Naaaaaah…… The Totalitarian Jihadists in DC can’t be THAT stupid.


1.   The beginning:  The Republic Of Maldives.

2.   They didn’t bother with him:  Update — Maldives — Waiting — Hoping for change.

3.  What could go wrong ?   UN official meeting with top Maldives leaders.


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