The Muslim Brotherhood Seized The Republic Of Maldives.

It’s that simple.

Maybe somebody will end up realizing it soon and report what’s actually going on.


Adhalath Party (Justice Party – Maldives) is the offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in Maldives. The head of the party is Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari.


Article and video from “Minivan News” – Independent News For The Maldives.

To be absolutely clear, Dr Waheed is a admirable man. He is an articulate and accomplished person, with a ton of experience and is eminently worthy of handling the responsibilities of the Presidency – arguably much more so than any candidate the main opposition parties has to offer.

However, the circumstances leading to his acquisition of power are vague, and the little that is known is corrosive to the country’s democratic ambitions.

Dr Waheed has also failed to strongly condemn the excessive police brutality against civilians on February 8, the day President Nasheed was released. Dr Waheed has also said that he’s looking forward to forming a “unity government” and find common ground. However, his appointment of Dr Mohamed Jameel as his new Home Minister puts a dark cloud over the sincerity of this effort. Dr Waheed himself argues that the political climate of the country is not conducive to elections – whatever that means.

The Maldivian constitution says that the ultimate power rests with the people, and the people alone. This is the central tenet of the constitution – the one line that decides that we the people are in charge of our democracy.


Sorry ’bout this Maldivian people, but to Dr. Waheed and his people, you don’t count anymore.

Dr. Waheed and all his buddies are Muslim Brotherhood.

I honestly hope y’all can get your country back somehow without half of your population dead on the streets and in their homes.


Video of how it ended for the last president a few days ago.

0:00-00:07 Moosa Jaleel: avahah, avahah, avahah {fast, fast,fast}

President Nasheed: Nikumey, nikumey, nikumey {Go out, Go out, Go out}

00:10 – 00:13 Nasheed: Anekahves…..alhe mee {Not again……..then this}

00:14-00:17 Nasheed: Nikan Kameh kobbala, Nikah kameh kohbala ,kaleymen {Please do something, please do something, you guys}

00:29-00:42 Nasheed: Nilaam, Nilaam ………gossa nikumey…. mulhi rajje halaaku kuranee kaleymen thibegen….Nukunashey. {Nilaam,Nilaam…..get out there…the whole of Maldives is being destroyed, by your inaction}

Unkown: Nukumeveytha? {Is it possible to get out?}

01:00-1:03 Unknown: Mariyamen rulhi aiss gen Male thalhaalanee. {Mariya and them has gotten angry and destroying Male.’}


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4.  Did we or did we not ?   Yes we did…… No we didn’t.

5.  Will he have a satellite dish pop out ?   New Maldives leader says he will submit to probe.


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