Opeth plays Maldives during takeover.

Holy ferschnickens !

A prog-metal band kicked tail in MooseLimbLand while the nation came apart at the seams.

Y’all may not know this, but music was a huge part of my life for decades.   Live sound tech and even a DJ for a long time in the prog rock world.

Opeth is a seriously kick-arse heavy prog-metal band from Sweden.

Major talent.

This one threw me for a loop.

A big, old-school, rack-mounted, envelope flanger loop.


As tear gas rained down on citizens marching in favor of ousted president Mohamed Nasheed’s government a day after what has been called a coup d’etat,   Hundreds of Maldivian metal fans attended a live concert by Swedish heavy metal Opeth at the Dhaarubaruge concert hall in Male’.

Opeth, supported by home-grown Maldivian band Nothnegal, played a sell-out gig to eager crowds on Wednesday February 8 – in spite of the chaos developing across the urban island.

Organisers said the political and civil unrest which has rocked the paradisaical archipelago for the past two days had forced them to postpone the concert, originally scheduled for February 7, by one day.   It also made it impossible to hold the gig outdoors, they said.


Read the article and you’ll realize like many musicians, they’re all lefty-liberals, with touchy-feely idealistic kumbiyah attitudes etc.

But…… day-umm, this is teh awesum !

Rockers rockin’ as the fur is flyin’.

Don’t get much better than that.

Again, Opeth is heavy – real heavy.   But for many people, including yours truly, the band at it’s finest shined brightly on the album ‘Damnation’.   The entire recording is a real departure from their blow-your-doors-off power.   ‘Damnation’ was produced by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree fame and is an incredible set of work.

Presenting Opeth performing ‘Windowpane’ from ‘Damnation’, taken off the live DVD ‘Lamentations’.


As for Maldives’ own Nothnegal……


1.   The beginning:  The Republic Of Maldives.

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3.  What could go wrong ?   UN official meeting with top Maldives leaders.

4.  Did we or did we not ?   Yes we did…… No we didn’t.

5.  Will he have a satellite dish pop out ?   New Maldives leader says he will submit to probe.

6.  It’s this simple:   The Muslim Brotherhood Seized The Republic Of Maldives.

7.  Growing by leaps and bounds:  New president of the Maldives expands his cabinet.


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