All we are saying, is give peace (lovers) a chance.

These people are simply vile.

And no, I’m not talking about the peace lovers.


Former U.S. Middle East envoy Dennis Ross: The Iranians are ready to talk. Give diplomacy a chance.

“The Obama administration has now created a situation in which diplomacy has a chance to succeed. It remains an open question whether it will.”


— and —


“Its not terribly new and not terribly impressive.”

“We frankly don’t see a lot new here. This is not big news. In fact it seems to have been hyped,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.


Du all administrasjon sug huller: Kyss mitt esel og dra til helvete.


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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3 Responses to All we are saying, is give peace (lovers) a chance.

  1. Uh oh Kenny. You forgot I speak Norwegian. LOL. 😀

  2. Jeff says:

    So does Google translate. 🙂

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