Commonwealth Of Nations CMAG arrives in Maldives.

Maybe they can, maybe they can’t.

The money power says they can’t.


MALE, Feb 17 (Reuters) – Thousands of supporters of former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed rallied peacefully in the capital as Commonwealth ministers arrived to investigate the circumstances of his abrupt exit from power last week.

There were no uniformed security officers present, in an apparent attempt to keep tempers cool.

The team from the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, the 54-nation organisation’s democracy watchdog, arrived for what is expected to be a four-day visit to investigate Nasheed’s exit. Surujrattan Rambachan, foreign affairs minister of Trinidad and Tobago, is leading the team.

The group, empowered to take action and sanction Commonwealth nations it finds have violated Commonwealth principles, is one of several diplomatic initiatives afoot.


“No uniformed security……” means plain-clothes ‘security’ was exponentially force-multiplied.

As for ‘nothing happened’, looks like some folks in Maldives ‘security’ took a course called “Chance-Taking 101” and got REALLY lucky.


Here’s the website for The Commonwealth Of Nations.


1.   The beginning:  The Republic Of Maldives.

2.   They didn’t bother with him:  Update — Maldives — Waiting — Hoping for change.

3.  What could go wrong ?   UN official meeting with top Maldives leaders.

4.  Did we or did we not ?   Yes we did…… No we didn’t.

5.  Will he have a satellite dish pop out ?   New Maldives leader says he will submit to probe.

6.  It’s this simple:   The Muslim Brotherhood Seized The Republic Of Maldives.

7.  Growing by leaps and bounds:  New president of the Maldives expands his cabinet.

8.  Whoa…… Sweeeeet !   Opeth plays Maldives during takeover.

9.  Was just a matter of time.    The Republic Of Maldives has a problem.

10.  Kickin’ tires, lightin’ fires.  Mr. Nasheed, anything you say can and will be used against you.

11.  Uh oh.   Maldives leader agrees to early elections.


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10…… 9…… 8…… 7…………
Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

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