Netanyahu To Meet Obama On March 5th

What could go wrong ?


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will meet with US President Barack Obama in Washington on March 5.

According to Obama’s National Security Adviser Tom Donilon the two leaders will discuss the “full range of security issues of mutual concern.”

Netanyahu will be in Washington to address the annual policy conference of the influential pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, which will be held on March 4-6.


So…… The leader of the free world is coming to DC again, eh ?

I bet this happens again too:   Obama shamed and humiliated the Prime Minister of Israel, while demanding we respect Islam.


Question:   Will DC’s gun laws apply to Bibi’s security team and if not, how long before the anti-Semites and gun-grabbers demand those insane regs be enforced, no matter what ?

I know that’s nothing but pure snark, but don’t put anything past the left – nothing – there are no coincidences anymore and a “nudge” like that would be right up Sunstein’s alley.


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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