Still a clear and present danger……

Israel’s pacifist J-Street-owned ‘Coexist’ peace-at-any-price President Shimon Peres is at it again.

President Peres is vehemently opposed to action of any kind against Iran – and also vehemently opposed to action against any other typical Muslim evil – and he’s gonna tell it to The Jihadist At 1600™.


President Shimon Peres plans to tell U.S. President Barack H. Obama that he is opposed to Israeli military action in Iran, a report published in the Hebrew-language newspaper Ha’aretz* said Thursday. Peres plans to discuss Iran with Obama when he visits the U.S. at the beginning of March, according to the report.

Peres is set to leave for the U.S. next Tuesday, and will meet with Obama in Washington the following Sunday, on the sidelines of the annual AIPAC convention. The meeting will take place a day before Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington, and he, too, is set to meet with Obama.


‘Preaching to the choir’ is the term that comes to mind straight away.

What’s it gonna take, Israel ?

How long before President Shimon Peres is removed from office ?


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President Peres, a sidebar if you will.

A clear and present danger to The State Of Israel and The Jewish People.

Israel’s President Shimon Peres MUST be removed from office.

On The Menu: Submission Au Gratin & Surrender A La Mode.

They did lunch.


* Ha’aretz — The far-left-of-far-left Israeli equivalent of MSNBC and The NY Times combined.  They are not to be trusted, nor do they stand up for their own nation and people — Ever.


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