They’re not just ‘fruity pebbles’.


Mr. Ariel Pulver is an assistant to Knesset Minister Tzipi Hotovely and he was part of the group ‘hanging out’ with two gen-yoo-whine liberal menaces to any society in the form of American CongressCritters Jerrold Nadler and Elliot Engel, both of Noo Yawk.

So there we were…… Just left the club, buzzed as can be, lookin’ to pick up babes and then……

“We were walking down the steps and all of a sudden, we hear this commotion.   It all happened in a matter of seconds.   Two Arab youths standing behind a green dumpster started throwing rocks.   Two Border Patrol soldiers came and apprehended them.   The rocks were actually brought to the congressmen to bring back to America to show people and tell them that rocks can kill.   They’re not just ‘fruity pebbles‘.”

Teh bravest CongressCritters™ evah, shown holding their highly-prized weapon of mass distraction.

Pulver rejected the idea that the attack was an isolated incident, stating, “it’s important to emphasize that this is part of a larger political plan.   It’s not just that a few youth wake up one morning and say, ‘let’s start throwing rocks.’

Pulver also spoke about the reaction of the congressmen. “I think they were a little flabbergasted,” he commented.


“……they were a little flabbergasted.”

I bet those two typical bitterly-clinging liberal Democrat leftist J-Street-owned ‘Coexist’ freaks soiled themselves……… ‘Cocoa Puffs’ in their pants to go with the “fruity pebbles”.

Reality’s a be-yatch ain’t it ?

I also bet that if one of those “fruity pebbles” smacked either or both of ’em square in the kisser, they’d still stay on the side of the peace-lovers and the #HeilObama administration.

Skunks don’t change their stripes and typical bitterly-clinging liberal Jewish Democrat kapos will never learn.


To listen to the entire interview with Mr. Pulver, click here.


Democrat CongressCritters™ in Israel attacked by rock-throwers.


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