Attorney General Eric Holder Appoints Tony West As Acting Associate Attorney General, Civil Division

There’s a bunch of guys in America named Tony West.

It can’t be THAT Tony West, could it ?


West will become Acting Associate Attorney General, the third highest official at the Justice Department, upon the departure of Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli.


Oh no……


West has served as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division since April 2009.

In that capacity, West led the Department’s largest litigating division, with a docket including significant national security matters, defending the Affordable Care Act against constitutional challenges, the government’s response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and leading the department’s preemption lawsuits against state immigration laws passed in Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina and Utah.


Yep, it’s THAT Tony West.

You know THAT Tony West.

Here’s one ‘small’ item not mentioned in The Department Of Justice press release:

THAT Tony West represented a chap by the name of John Phillip Walker Lindh.

You know John Phillip Walker Lindh too.

Tony West & John Phillip Walker Lindh

Here’s some info on the esteemed Asst. A.G. West from The Washington Post.


Tool up.


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