Israel Foreign Minister Lieberman: Do not count on anyone for help.


The man says more in two sentences than we here at Israel Survival Updates have said since our inception:


.“If the international community is incapable of stopping the massacres in Syria, what is the value of its promises to protect the security of Israel ?”

“Ultimately, the State of Israel will take the decisions that are most appropriate based on its evaluation of the situation.”


As commentary, we’ll add the following:

Will “the international community” – including and especially The United States ‘led’ by The Jihadist At 1600™ – attempt to forcibly prevent Israel from defending her existence ?

Will the first and other levels down of non-politically-appointed military personnel – ‘led’ by Our Humble-But-Lovable Dictator In Training Pants™ – carry out such an order ?

Also, will The United States – ‘led’ by El Guapo™ – cut off all aid to Israel ?


Daylight — The story of Obama and Israel

President Obama Says F**k Israel.

Who you gonna believe, #HeilObama or your typically bitter and clingin’ lyin’ eyes ?

Janet Napolitano: There is no concrete threat to Jewish targets in the U.S.

All we are saying, is give peace (lovers) a chance.

“If we get one more like those three, the Second Amendment is finished.   It’ll be the end of our freedom forever.”


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One Response to Israel Foreign Minister Lieberman: Do not count on anyone for help.

  1. Toots says:

    Did I hear this morning that after discussion with the US Israel has agreed not to attack Iran until after the November elections?

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