And so it begins in America……


Jewish Veterans Headstones Vandalized At Florida National Cemetery


Authorities are seeking the public’s help in finding out who is responsible for vandalizing more than a dozen Jewish gravestones in Bushnell, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies were called to the Florida National Cemetery on Monday, after 14 tombstones were found either pushed over or dug out over the weekend, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies consider the incident a hate crime, as the tombstones featured an engraved Star of David.


No other religious group’s headstones or markers were touched.




If you’re looking for a comment from me, I’ll be at the rang…… Um…… “The 100-Yard Stress-Relief Center”.


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3 Responses to And so it begins in America……

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    And so it begins in America……True, it started a while ago. The Left both nationally and internationally, in league with their barbarian political bedfellows are leading the charge.

    They have a big problem in America though, me and the millions of my friends who stand with Americas Jews and with Israel. We know evil when we see it, and will NOT be a part of it.

  2. Andreas K. says:

    So it’s sweeping over there as well. It’s been happening over here for a while by now. Not just defacing tombstones, but even open attacks on Jews because, well, they are Jews. Especially Sweden is the leading “example” here. Many Jews have left Malmö simply because the hate they face has become too much for them. Sweden, today, is the most anti-semitic country in the EU. And nobody cares.

    In Germany you can go around with the stinking old “Germans don’t buy Jewish” and nobody cares. All in the name of “being critical of Israel”.

    Disguised as cultural critique, sociologic criticism and sometimes even pointing fingers at perceied unfairness and crimes the tale of the evil Jew rises from its grave and stalks the Western world. But I think it was never really laid to rest. It was always there, just waiting for a chance to become mainstream again. And yes, at least in the EU hating Jews is “in” again.

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