If anyone knows why these two should not be wed, shoot now or forever hold your peace lover.

They did.


Three reporters were attacked by Hamas security forces while covering a mass wedding in Gaza City on Thursday.

Reports identified the three as local Sky News reporter Mohammad al-Mashharawi, BBC reporter Adnan al-Dorosh and Amer Abu Omar, a Gaza-based journalist.

Witnesses told the Bethleham-based Maan News Agency that the the three were severely beaten in a nearby playground.

The Palestine News Network said that al-Mashharawi was detained by Hamas and that his location is currently unknown.

Gaza’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement shortly after the incident condemning the attack. Officials said they would “open an investigation and punish the assailants.”


The beat-down happened right after the ceremony ended with the last of the happy couples to be joined in unholy matrimony.  World-renown Imam Kcarab Niessuh Amabo presided over parts of the ceremony and was there for the conclusion:

Imam Kcarab Niessuh Amabo – If anyone knows why these two should not be wed, shoot now or forever hold your peace lover……… Mashoom Sheepkissah, do you take nine-year-old Aisha Lookslikeagoat to be your Shari’a-lawfully-wedded third wife, to have and to abuse, to beat and to maim, until her murder at your hands next week do you part ?

Mashoom Sheepkissah – I do.   It is my sworn duty as a typical bitterly-clinging and Jew-hating genocidal Son Of Allah (PBUH).

Imam Kcarab Niessuh Amabo – Aisha Lookslikeagoat, you have no say in the matter.   I pronounce you married.   Allah (PBUH) be praised, that was the last one for today.   Now is the time for proper celebration.

Family and friends in attendance – What a happy occasion !   Let’s beat some people to death in the name of Allah (PBUH) !   Anyone who survives gets arrested as an infidel !    Uluuluulullululullulluuuuu !


Tally-Ho Snackbar !


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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One Response to If anyone knows why these two should not be wed, shoot now or forever hold your peace lover.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    You’re in rare form on this one, Kenny 🙂
    What?? What’s wrong with marrying 9 yr old girls and beating people to a pulp? Can’t a jihadi guy have some fun?

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