Hillary Clinton: Israel has the right to defend itself.

You sure about that ma’am ?

Your boss might not be all that……… Um…… Never mind.


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday condemned the rocket fire from Gaza onto Israel while meeting with opposition leader Tzipi Livni in New York.  Clinton said Israel has the right to defend itself.

Livni thanked Clinton, saying “the international community must speaking out clearly, in one voice, against terror against the citizens of Israel’s South.”

Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, maintained neutrality in her statement Saturday:

“The EU is following with concern the recent escalation of violence in Gaza and in the south of Israel.   I very much deplore the loss of civilian life.    It is essential to avoid further escalation and I urge all sides to re-establish calm.”

The spokesman for UN Special Envoy for the Peace Process Robert Serry expressed concern Saturday about the situation between Gaza and Israel. “We’re very concerned about this latest escalation.”


When a far far left ICR2P one-worlder like Mrs. Clinton is the ‘hawkish’ one in the group – especially by saying that Teh Juice can defend themselves – you damn well know something’s up and nothing good is gonna come from any of it.

As for Israel’s own leftist self-hating filth Ms. Livni and the rest of the European Union and UN trash, they can go…… they can go…… they can go spit up a rope.


By the way, is Mrs. Clinton sick ?   She looks like…… like…… like……


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4 Responses to Hillary Clinton: Israel has the right to defend itself.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    I quit listening to their words, early on, in this Administration. Watch what they do. And bear in mind that this is an election year.
    Her words are meant for American Jews. She’s probably doing the “wink, wink” to the Pali’s as she’s saying it.

  2. ar05075 says:


  3. ar05075 says:

    Sorry, 2012

    jeez, somebody hit me.!!

  4. Bruce O'H. says:

    I was just about to 🙂

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