Hanoch Shahar took a run in the rain.

10K, 1:04.

Not bad for a 77-year-old, eh ?


(AP) — Hanoch Shahar discovered a lifelong love of running as a child orphaned in World War II. On Friday, the 77-year-old Holocaust survivor ran along with some 15,000 other athletes in Jerusalem’s second annual marathon.

The oldest of the runners, Shahar ran 10 kilometers (six miles) in an hour and four minutes. He completed a full marathon two months ago and said at his age, he can run only one 42-kilometer (26-mile) race a year.  Running gives me a sense of freedom,” said Shahar, whose parents were killed by Nazis at the Theresienstadt concentration camp in what is now the Czech Republic. He said he ran there to escape his sorrow.

After the war, in a Prague orphanage, he would pass his time running and listening to track events on the radio. For hours at a time, he said, he would chase the orphanage’s German Shepherd.  “That’s where I got the running bug,” he said.

He has been running ever since, eventually becoming the Israeli champion in the 800-meter race before switching to longer distances in later years. He has completed eight full marathons, the last in northern Israel.




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