European Union’s Catherine Ashton compares Toulouse shooting victims to children in Gaza.

A disgusting anti-Semite and danger to freedom world-wide.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman demands a public retraction from Ms. Ashton and believe it or not, leftist tool and ‘opposition’ leader Tzipi Livni does as well.

Well, there was more than a ‘retraction’…… The EU scrubbed it.

Scroll through.


“When we think about what happened today in Toulouse, we also remember what happened in Norway last year, and what is happening now in Syria and Gaza, and other areas of the world,” the Ma’ariv newspaper quoted Ashton as having said.

“We see before our eyes all the children who lost their lives,” Ashton added, during a meeting with Palestinian Authority Arab youth in Brussels. “I want to pay tribute today to all those young people,” she added, noting especially the PA children who, according to Ashton, “against all odds, continue to study, work, dream and aspire for a better future.”

Ashton did not distinguish between a deliberate terror attack against Jewish children and those children in Gaza who are accidentally killed in IAF air strikes, due to the fact that Gaza terrorists deliberately fire rockets at Israeli children from populated areas and use civilians as human shields – and despite the fact that the IDF makes herculean efforts to pinpoint terrorist targets as no other army in the world does.

She also did not mention the hundreds of thousands of Israeli children who have to spend much of their lives hiding in shelters from Gaza missiles and who try to continue to study, work, dream and aspire for a better future against all odds. It is the Israeli government’s investment in the Iron Dome and shelters, inadequate as they may be, and the children’s obedience to civil defense rules, that has so far kept the fatalities down.


Thanks to I.S.U. friend Eli Tabori for the following PDF link:

Speech by Catherine Ashton at the high-level conference Engaging Youth — Palestine Refugees In The Changing Middle East.

Ms. Ashton is not only obviously a disgusting anti-Semite, but she’s also ICR2P — a Totalitarian one-world government command and control freak of the highest order.

If you’d like to ‘say howdy’ to Ms. Ashton, here’s one way that’ll work:


Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton should retract her comparison of the Toulouse murders with deaths in Gaza.

Lieberman said her remarks were “inappropriate: and added that Ashton wanted to refer to other children, she should have mentioned those “in southern Israel who live in constant fear of rocket attacks launched from Gaza.”

The Foreign Minister spoke during his visit to China and emphasized that “Israel is the most moral country in the world and despite the fact that it has to fight terrorist who operate from within civilian populations, the IDF makes every effort possible not to harm that population.” While Hamas and allied terrorists operate from within civilian areas, “The IDF risks its soldiers’ lives in order to minimize risk to civilian population,” Lieberman added.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni, in rare agreement with Lieberman, called Ashton’s comments “outrageous” and demanded that she issue a retraction.


It’s time for Israel to break off relations with The European Union as an entity and work only with individual nations who actually recognize Israel is in the middle of a s**tstorm for survival.


PS……… We should want to give Ms. Livni the benefit of the doubt, but at best, she’s a ‘finger-in-the-air’ politician with an unwavering leftist agenda that’s mortally dangerous to Israel.   It’s highly doubtful she’s against what Ms. Ashton said.


They scrubbed it.

Washed away.

As if it never happened and everybody loves Teh Juice.

The European Union on Tuesday issued a corrected version of a speech by foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, which had angered Israeli officials who said it drew paralels between the murder of four Jews in France and cricumstances in Hamas-run Gaza.


The anti-Semite scum said what she said in front of people and media.


They’re helping a building destruction of Israel and genocide of Jews.


Netanyahu slams Ashton for ‘unthinkable’ comparison of deaths in Toulouse and Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday castigated EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton for purportedly equating the killings of children in Toulouse on Monday and the deaths of children in Gaza.

Ashton denied making the comparison, and said her comments — to Palestinian children at an UNRWA event in Brussels on Monday — were “grossly distorted.”

“It is unthinkable to compare a massacre [as in Toulouse] and the Israeli army’s surgical, defensive actions against those who use children as human shields,” Netanyahu said at a meeting with local council heads in Haifa.


She said it, got called on it and in typical fashion of all ICR2P one-world-government Totalitarians and typical bitterly-clinging Democrats, ordered the media scrub the entire thing.   Then again, most of the media probably took it upon themselves to scrub it, as they’re part of the problem.

Catherine Ashton, EU Foreign Policy Chair, should be classified as persona-non-grata within Israel’s borders — permanently.

Why ?



Never again means NEVER AGAIN !


France: A rabbi, his two young sons and a little girl were murdered for being Jewish.


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2 Responses to European Union’s Catherine Ashton compares Toulouse shooting victims to children in Gaza.

  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    I’m sick of the Left and their “moral relativism”. Between them and their political bedfellows, the barbarian beheaders, they will make it impossible to avoid the war that they are itching for.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Spot-on, Bruce.

      ……and with every day that goes by, it’s becoming more and more obvious to more and more people the left wants “it”…… the battle for the planet, not just a few nations here and there.

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