Typical bitter Allah-clingers don’t negotiate with anyone.

Only typical bitter Allah-clinging cowards do.

This typical bitter Allah-clinging coward’s name is Mohammed Merah.

On top of murdering three children, a rabbi and several French soldiers, he’s now wounded at least three French police officers.

So of course to make this whole typically bitter and Allah-clinging episode oh-so peace-loving special, this typical bitter Allah-clinger is ‘holed-up’ alone in his flat and French police are ‘negotiating’ with him to surrender.

Um……… Isn’t the line ‘jihad is everything’……… Shaeed or nothing else matters……… Take out everyone and everything you can before being martyred……… That’s the typical bitterly Allah-clinging way……… Except in cases of typical bitter Allah-clinging cowards.

Here’s a link to a Ynet News article……   The text is my doing.

French police raid apartment of a typical bitter Allah-clinger suspected of murdering four Jews (including three young children) and in separate incidents, three French military personnel.   Three French police officers injured in this first raid’s shoot-out.   Apparently his brother and his brother’s girlfriend were arrested……… Negotiations underway for the typically bitter Allah-clinging Mr. Merah to surrender.


He’s in the flat by himself.

Negotiations for surrender.


Think about that for a minute.


Okay, I’ll say it.

Who’s surrender are we talking about:  His or theirs ?



Why is there a real expectation by some for the French to wave their own white flag and walk away ?


Hopefully, this typical bitter Allah-clinger is taken out in a body bag.

But knowing the French way of doing things, he’ll be led out in handcuffs and then made a national hero in the eyes of The European Union for his ‘work’ in attempting to sway those who are not on board with the typical bitter Allah-clinging way of life.


This entire write-up sounds bitter and clinging a different way, eh ?


France: A rabbi, his two young sons and a little girl were murdered for being Jewish.

European Union’s Catherine Ashton compares Toulouse shooting victims to children in Gaza — Media scrubs it under orders.


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