Everything you ever wanted to know about J-Street but were afraid to ask.

How to succeed in hatred without really trying.


Here’s all you need to know as proof about the genocide-level destructive and anti-Israel/anti-Semitic J-Street:

#HeilObama ‘adviser’ Valerie Jarrett and the under-indictment corrupt-as-all-get-out former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert are the keynote speakers at the conference. Plus, Israel’s pacifist peace-at-any-price disgusting excuse for a president Shimon Peres opens the conference with a video message.


Organizers say there will be 40 workshops at the J Street conference on issues such as Iran, the American Jewish vote, settlements, human rights, and Palestinian perspectives on the conflict.

Other notables participating in the four-day conference, which is expected to attract about 2500 people, include: Members of Knesset Avishay Braverman, Zehava Golan, and Raleb Maja; former Labor Party leader General Amram Mitzna; The Embassy of Israel’s Deputy Head of Mission, Barukh Binah; former US ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer; former US State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter; Rabbi Donniel Hartman of Jerusalem’s Shalom Hartman Institute; and veteran Hollywood icon Theodore Bikel, who will be the master of ceremonies.


All of them are as far-left as it gets.

Not one pro-Israel sovereignty group or person is invited to this madness and the world media will laud these leftist, submitting-to-evil, ‘Coexist’ maniacs as the true voice of Jews in America ; The conference getting at least ten times the leftist (main media) media coverage of Bibi Netanyahu’s speech at AIPAC.


As if you need more evidence……


Tool up.


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